/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php WEEKLY WOD OVERVIEW FOR MAY 2ND TO 8TH, 2022 | Desert Devil CrossFit

Welcome back to another week of fun! This week is week 6 in our cycle, so we’re going to be seeing a decrease in volume and an increase in percentages today. We’ll also be getting ready for Murph, which is coming up quickly!

Monday starts off with a Power Clean + Front Squat + Split Jerk weightlifting piece, followed by “Mr. Chow”, which is 5 rounds of hang power cleans, thrusters, and shoulders to overhead. This one is gonna get the heart thumping and the grip pumping!

On Tuesday after we do some bar muscle-up progression, we’re getting wild with an 18:00 AMRAP “Bachelor Party” of bar muscle-ups, dubz, toes to bar, and cals on the bike. Let’s keep it G-rated though, guys.

We’ll start by jumping on Hump Day and then work on some power snatches before working on some sprint conditioning with “Phil and Stu” consisting of bar facing burpees and more lovely power snatches.

Thursday brings us a deadlift strength piece and “Alan”, a 10:00 AMRAP of Dual DB Overhead Carry, Dual DB Step-Overs, and Box Jumps. You will be best friends with this one, whether you like it or not.

Friday is Murph Prep Conditioning and Muscular Stamina Work! Woo-hoo that means a bunch of Run + Strict Pull-Up + Push-Up + Air Squat + Row, but we’ll also throw in a little accessory finisher just to make sure you’re toast.

Saturday is “The Real Caesar’s Palace”, a “you go, I go” style workout consisting of 8 rounds of SA KB Hang Clean and Press, GHD Sit-Ups or Weighted Sit-Ups, and Handstand Walk. Pick your partner wisely!

“The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs, one step at a time.” — Joe Girard