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Weekly WoD report inbound.

Monday’s comin’ in hot with another CrossFit Open workout. It’s 14.4. It’s a chipper disguised as an AMRAP and it’s got rowin’, toes-to-bar, wall balls, cleans, and ring muscle-ups. Oh my. Tuesday we’ve got “Crawl of the Wild.” That’s 5 rounds of dumbbell thrusters, over-unders, and bear crawls. Bears are cute. On Wednesday, hang on tight with “The Big Hang Theory.” That’s 5 sets of 3 hang power cleans. We’ll also do a little more Open prep that day. Thursday’s workout will be “Multi-two-dinous.” It has Assault bike, box jumps, arch holds, shuttle runs, burpee box jumps, and plank holds… all on a two-minute clock. Friday we tackle an old Open workout. It’s 11.3. It’s a 5-minute AMRAP of squat clean and jerks. Just think of Grace but worse. On Saturday we’ll be “Living Single.” No partners this week. You’ll be running, single-arm overhead carrying, and lunging. 

That’s the week. It’ll be a good one. 

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