/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php June 8th through 13th, 2020 Weekly WOD Overview | Desert Devil CrossFit

What an amazing week we had, it was incredible to see all your faces in the gym and we are thrilled to start going back to a normal routine. Don’t forget to pre-register for training times.

Monday we will start with “Pull, Pull, Pull” and AMRAP 20 of power snatches, rowing and bar muscle ups which utilize a pull in three different ways. “Muster your Thruster” hits us hard on Tuesday when we throw a high volume workout your way. This will be an EMOM of thrusters where you add 1 rep every minute on the minute till you can no longer finish the work. Wednesday gets spicy with “Firecracker” a 21-15-9 rep scheme of 400m run, walking DB lunges and box jumps. Thursday we are lifting heavy and getting a baseline with the “CrossFit Total” which is a 1 rep max lift of back squat, deadlift and bench press. Friday’s workout “How Far?” has us moving our bodyweight, after Thursdays Total, the nervous system needs a little break. This 16 min workout has you increasing reps by 4 every round until the time is over, movements include burpees, v-ups, and jumping pullups. Saturday is “HPC” which is 4 rounds of hang power cleans, front squats and knees to elbows.

“If you’re stuck, go get a small win. Go do something that you’re good at. Cuz small wins, stacked on top of each other, build the confidence to take on a new challenge.” “The thoughts that occupy your mind and the people you surround yourself with determine your success or failure.”–Bedros Keuilian