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New to CrossFit? Scroll down to fill our contact form and schedule a time to come in. We will set up a one-on-one Introduction to CrossFit Sessions to talk about your goals and how to make them happen. We will teach you the basic movements of CrossFit and cover the fundamentals of CrossFit methodology. The goal after these sessions is for you to be a well-rounded CrossFitter who is able to walk into any CrossFit facility in the world and understand the workouts, terminology, and fundamental movements. New members usually “graduate” in 1-4 sessions. We ask that experienced CrossFitters follow the same process and schedule a time to visit.

At Desert Devil CrossFit, your safety is paramount. We can modify every and any workout to meet our members’ unique needs. We never ask anyone to work outside of their ability. Wherever you are in your fitness journey–CrossFit is for you!

Part of what makes Desert Devil CrossFit different from every other gym out there is the personal attention we give in talking about nutrition, goal setting, and lifestyle. We care deeply about our members and strive to create a community that’s authentic, inclusive, and FUN for ALL!

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All access membership with no limit on the number of classes you can attend

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Limited membership with 14 classes per month

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